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Monteverde Cloud Forest with Don Juan Tour and Sky Walk


Monteverde is energetic when the fog, the wind, and the cool weather surround you in the middle of all that magical cloud forest. You have seen that this wildlife introduces you to a world of fantasy. combined with our coffee, chocolate, and sugar cane tour.



To reach the destination it will take about 3 hours, during the transfer our guide will show you the most beautiful places and sights that decorate our Costa Rican landscapes, they are also taught important topics such as provinces, history, culture, climate, continental division and flora and fauna of the regions.

The Costa Rica cloud forest region is truly unique and should be explored on an equally unique excursion, suspended more than 100 feet above the forest floor.

Once we finish arriving we go to the trapiche the famous tour of the trapiche starts at 10:00 am.

The Trapiche tour:

It is a project of a Costa Rican family, where a guided tour of approximately 2 hours is offered.

The tour starts with a tour of the farm in which you can have the opportunity to observe the different plantations that are in it, as well as going through a small patch of forest in which you can occasionally see wildlife.

During the tour of the farm there is a tilapia project, plantations of bananas, , arracache, macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee. 

During the walk through the farm, we explain the process involved in growing sugarcane, its natural history and the opportunity to taste sugarcane and its different derivatives.

Once this interval of the route is over, the coffee process will be shown, which starts showing from the plantation and continues with the process of crushing, peeling and roasting by the machines.

To finish the tour of the plantations, we invite you to take a short trip in an oxcar (only if you wish, otherwise you can do it walking), this starts from the sugarcane plantation and finishes when you arrive at the place where the cocoa process will be shown. 

There will be shown step by step the process of cocoa from its different stages: starting with the explanation of how the plant is developed, the pollination of this, how the fruit is obtained, the fermentation of the seeds, drying, roasting, and grinding of cocoa, in addition to the brief explanation and tasting of how chocolate is obtained.

After the cocoa process is finished, the demonstration of the “saca de guaro” (cane liquor) will be carried out. Immediately after the typical trapiches, the manual trapiche, the water wheel, and the oxen, each one gives an explanation and shows how they work. The tour ends in the area where the artisan process of sugarcane culminates with the obtaining of the candy and its different derivatives.

Here you can make your own sweets (“sobado”).

Once the sugar mill’s activity is over, we will start our expedition through the hanging bridges with a brief introduction to the Monteverde region and the authentic ecosystem. Which is surrounded by a cloud forest, our expert guide will point monkeys, sloths, and a diversity of birds to the top of the trees while we wander along the forest trails, important to emphasize that they are species in a natural habitat, so they do not We guarantee the total observation of each one.

During our tour, we will cross a total of 5 suspended or hanging bridges, each unmatched and variant in size, as well as the materials used. Our guide will tell us more about its history while admiring breathtaking views from the top of the canopy.

Departure: 6:00 a.m.

Return: 5 pm or 6 pm


  • Tickets and entrance fee
  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide
  • Water
  • Lunch

What to bring

  • Sun cream
  • Extra clothes
  • Camera
  • Hiking shoes
  • Rainwear and Jacket